Crackdown On Young Celebs In Gambling Ads

There is a huge increase in the number of websites that offers online gambling sites. Many young celebrities are being used by these websites for promoting their Judi Online games sites. It is insane and was banned from the usage of the celebrity’s images that seems to inspire many youngsters for using the gambling website. These irresponsible ads are said to influence many children by mistake. Hence these sites were banned from using celebrity images on their sites. It is a known fact that the kids of today’s generation are playing indoor games and to an extent, they wish to earn money. The online gamblers population mostly is from 14 years of age. The advertisements across the web are with young celebrities that act as influencing these kids to play the gambling game.

What can be done instead?

  • Though there is a ban n the usage of the young celebs on Judi Online gambling sites, they are allowed to use animated versions other than celebrities.
  • It is also mentioned that the animated or any characters are shown in these advertisements must not have the characters which are below 25 years of age.
  • The advertisements of online gambling websites are not also allowed on young people’s website like the football club’s young supporters page.
  • However the ban was amended, it takes little time to get used to it by many websites. And hence it might take few more months to see the effectiveness of this ban.

The online gambling sites are for above 18 years of age which all the sites support. But still, to bring more players to open their website, they use this kind of marketing strategy. Hope this ban on Judi Online gambling sites to use young celebs will be effective and refrain the young children from playing these games.