When Is The Best Time To Play Dota 2

For gamers, Dota 2 is a game that can be played anytime. However, if you want to be a really good player, and at the same time, a responsible and productive person, then playing Dota 2 at the best time is what you need to do.

Friday night

The best time to play Dota 2 is when you’re done with all your responsibilities. And when is that time? Most likely, it’s going to be your Friday night. You’re done with school and work, and you don’t have any major responsibilities the next day after, because it’s a Saturday. It’s also the best time to improve your skills because you’re not thinking about any task other then the goal of destroying your enemy’s Ancient.

When you’re stressed

Dota 2 helps remove stress, especially if you’re having fun playing it. However, don’t play too much because the outcome will be the opposite. If you’re feeling down, bored, or had enough with your studies or work, sit back, relax, and play the game. Just don’t be too hard on yourself. Feel free to explore using other heroes or perhaps use your favorite one.


Weekends is also a great time to play Dota because you don’t have school or work during these days. You can also spend countless hours playing the game. Go to the nearest internet cafe or just sit comfortable on your computer chair at home.

Reunion with friends

If you want to bond with your friends, then playing Dota 2 with them is a good idea. It’s a great bonding activity especially if you’ve got friends who are also into the game. Trash talk with them and have fun annoying each other when playing, or perhaps show off your Dota 2 boost. For sure, the game will be more fun when you do.