Now You Can Take Good Care Of Your Truck

Truck servicing is required when your truck has been used over a period of time and needs to go through certain procedures to give you uninterrupted services. Servicing your truck regularly and using the Best Truck Bed Covers ensures value retention, reliability, safety and uncalled emptying of pockets. Average truck servicing period varies between 3-14 months (or every 6000 – 10000 miles). However, companies usually design a service schedule based on the brand and model, which they believe will keep the truck running at its best. This schedule should be adhered to or else the original manufacturer warranty is invalidated. Also, the manufacturer warranty usually states that the truck must be serviced at their dealerships only. If you have it serviced from a different service provider the original warranty stands invalid.

Different segments of trucks require different types of maintenance. Some sturdy trucks could go on for a few more miles before its servicing dates. Other expensive trucks may require a little more attention. There are professional outlets offering maintenance and repair services for trucks. Each brand has its own truck service center/dealerships but there are many independent stations as well, based at convenient locations. For trucks that fall out of their warranty period, independent truck service centers devise their own service checklist.

Once the truck is brought for servicing on its due date, mechanics check the overall health of the truck. Broadly, truck services include around 60 – 80 checks and about 5 – 10 changes pertaining to engine, fluids, filters, brakes, steering, tires and more. The evaluation schedule varies from truck to truck, depending on mileage, transmission, age and engine. Sometimes, during routine check-up, professionals detect problems that need more serious and immediate attention. Addressing to them prevents accidents or potential breakdowns in the future.