Get The Best Sporting Trophies?

Need to purchase a set of premium trophies for an event?  Having trouble deciding which trophy supplier to choose? Then you have come to the right place. We will give you a few helpful tips on how to find trophy suppliers and what to look out for. First, let’s look at the ultimate question for trophy buyers, what kind of trophy do you want?

Many people are sure about needing a trophy but may not know the ideal design and aesthetics that the trophy should carry, let alone the size. Here are a few helpful tips;


If you are hosting a sports event and the winners are grouped into teams you can decide to have a huge trophy for a team, to represent team spirit of you can have ribbon medals, or perhaps very small miniature awards for individuals on a team. If it’s an academic award or corporate trophy then lose the luster! A trophy made of glass, Acrylic, crystal, or resin would do.


Sporting trophies are often very creative and can take any form, however, corporate awards are simple, sophisticated, and have very thoughtful inspirational statements inscribed on them in some cases. Some trophies are sports specific while some designs blend perfectly into every sport event, this versatility is important for rewarding winners from various sports activities.


Every manufacturer has their unique price list depending on quality and quantity of trophies ordered. You can get great bargains from companies with a long history of manufacturing and distribution of trophies.   

Where to find trophy suppliers

We took the liberty of creating a mini-list of websites where you can place your orders for trophies.  By no specific order, here are the most popular sites online;