File types and extensions

    File extension EXE is most commonly associated with an expertoption app executable file which is usually found on the Windows platform. EXE files may also be found on DOS or OS/2 operating systems, or on Windows emulators on Mac or Linux. File extension exe File extension WPS is used by Microsoft Works Word ProceSsor files. These files contain word processing documents created by the Microsoft Works software suite. MS Works is a cheaper expert option mobile trading alternative to Microsoft Office. WPS files may contain richly formatted text along with tables, images, clipart etc. File extension wps DLL files usually contain code that is shared by many different applications. Good example would be wsock32.dll that contains code for sending data over the Internet. This DLL is used by browsers, email clients, instant messenger programs etc. File extension dll File extension PAGES is not yet described in our database. Here is some information which will get you started. File extension pages File Extension DAT is used by generic data files which may be generated by any application. As there is no defined structure for DAT files, it can be very difficult to determine the application which originally created the file let alone open it and understand its contents. File extension dat File extension RAR is used to denote a compressed archive using the proprietary RAR archiving format, which supports data compression, spanning and error recovery. Though less common, RAR files are also used to denote a Resource Adapter Archive, which is the specified format for the deployment of resource adapters, or connectors, on IBM's WebSphere Application Server. File extension rar Presentation files are most commonly used in business and in education to illustrate or present information in a short, concise manner. Traditionally, PPS files would accompany a spoken presentation, though are now often used purely to deliver information themselves. File extension pps Download managers. These applications assist in downloading large amounts of information from FTP and HTTP servers. They are very useful ExpertOption for downloading huge files when chances of connection breaking before file is fully downloaded are large. If this happens download manager would resume the download rather than starting it from the scratch. Download managers are also useful when downloading hundreds of smaller files. File extension part Care should be taken when opening XLS files, particularly from unknown sources, as they may contain a potential security risk in the form of macros. Macros are scripts which are either written in a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), or recorded as a series of instructions based on user keyboard and mouse input. Though macros are intended to reduce the need to perform repetitive tasks, they can also be written for malicious or destructive purposes. File extension xls Normally XPI file is a ZIP archive that contains a number of other files in compressed format. Usually one of these files is install.js that contains main install script. These may also be other files that are referenced by this script File extension xpi DOCX was released as part of Microsoft Office 12. MS Word versions 2000, 2002 and 2003 can still render this file by downloading the require software from Microsoft?s website. Installing the software will allow the application to open files saved with .docx and .docm extensions. File extension docx TORRENT files are small text files which are used by BitTorrent clients to initialise the download of other files. TORRENT files typically include the individual filenames contained within a download, the URL of a tracker, which is used to monitor the location and availability of all the parts of the given file, as well as the length of each part and an SHA-1 hash code, which is used to verify the integrity of received data. This ensures that the correct parts are being downloaded and that they have not been corrupted during transfer. File extension torrent While BUP files can not be directly opened by any program disks containing these files can be played using DVD playback software such as Windows Media Center, PowerLink DVD Player etc. These files can also be created by DVD authoring software. File extension bup File extension WEBARCHIVE is used by Apple Safari web browser to store HTML page and all images files that it references in a single file that can be later opened for viewing even when computer is not connected to the internet. File extension webarchive

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